Brisbane’s Roofshield’s Roof Restoration
Cement Tile Repair Process

Step.1.Replace Broken Tiles

Replace all cracked and broken Cement tiles from the roof.

Step.2.Pressure Cleaning

Dirt, grime and fungi are removed from the Cement tiles on the roof using 3500psi water pressure, and all mess is cleaned up. Council regulations are met for this process.


Flexible pointing is used to point ridge caps allowing for 17mm of movement before cracking. Rebedding is performed when necessary on Cement tiled roofs.

Step.4.Sealer Coat

Roofshield has developed 3 different forms of Sealer/Primer, it goes on milky white and dries clear. A Roofshield roof estimator will be able to advise you of which primer/sealer is required for your property’s Cement tiled roof.

Step.5.First Colour Coat

The first colour coat of Roofshield membrane is then applied to the Cement tiled roof. The coating is applied by using airless spray gun therefore guaranteeing no overspray.

Step.6.Second Colour Coat

The second coat of coloured protective membrane is applied to the Cement tiled roof.This ensures an even coverage over the roof resulting in the best protection and appearance.