Brisbane’s Roofshield’s Roof Restoration
Terracotta Tile Repair Process


A Fungicidal cleanser is first used to kill the fungus and algae from the terracotta tiled roof. The process also weakens the attachment of Lichen and Moss from the roof’s terracotta tiles.

Step.2.Rebedding/Change Broken Terracotta Tiles

A full or partial rebed of ridge capping may be required for the Terracotta tiled roof, depending on the condition of the roof. All broken Terracotta tiles are changed.

Step.3.Pressure Cleaning

Up to 3500 psi pressure is used to clean away the ‘Lichen’, ‘Moss’, ‘Dirt’, ‘Funcal Residue’ and ‘Grime’ from the roof’s Terracotta tiles.


Flexible pointing is used to point ridge caps allowing for 17 mm of movement before cracking. We match our pointing to the colour of your existing Terracotta tiles.

Step.5.Glaze Coat

Two coats of clear glaze are applied to unglazed Terracotta tiles to seal the tile against water penetration. Both colour and appearance are enhanced by this application.

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