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Mermaid Waters

Service: Roof Restoration


Our client was facing a significant issue with mould accumulation on their roof. Due to lack of sun exposure during the day, mould had become prevalent, leading to unsightly stains and contaminating their tank water supply.


Solution and Work Carried Out

Roofshield undertook a comprehensive roof restoration project to address the client’s concerns and prevent future mould growth. The steps involved were:

  1. Thorough Roof Cleaning: We started with a full cleaning of the roof to remove all existing mould, dirt, and debris. This step was crucial to prepare the surface for repairs and treatment.
  2. Repointing and Repairing Tiles: Next, our team repointed and repaired all broken and damaged tiles. Ensuring the roof was structurally sound was essential for the effectiveness of the subsequent treatments.
  3. Sealing and Membrane Application: We sealed the tiles to protect them from future wear and tear. Then, we applied two coats of high-quality colour membrane on top. This membrane was specially formulated to include an anti-mould agent.
  4. Anti-Mould Treatment: The roof membrane contains an anti-mould agent that prevents the growth of mould and lichen. This ensures long-term protection and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the roof.
  5. Maintenance Schedule: To sustain the benefits of the restoration, we provided the client with a maintenance schedule. We advised them to wash the roof to remove dirt and debris twice annually. This simple upkeep helps keep the roof in optimal condition and prolongs the life of the anti-mould treatment.


The comprehensive restoration significantly improved the roof’s appearance and functionality. The client no longer faces issues with mould or contaminated tank water. With regular maintenance, they can now enjoy a clean, mould-free roof for years to come.

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