Heat Shield Membrane

HEAT SHIELD is a high build heat reflective roof coating specifically formulated to minimise roof temperatures by reflecting solar heat.


Roofshield Heat Shield Membrane Facts:


HEAT SHIELD 10 incorporating micro void cells keeps it cooler inside by repelling the sun’s radiation and controlling heat entering through the roof. This tough flexible dirt resistant coating is an extended durability product designed to give long life protection to all types of roofs.

Developed and manufactured in Australian to meet harsh Australian conditions HEAT SHIELD 10 can reduce the surface temperature of traditional red, brown, or green roofs by as much as 20 degrees Celsius in the summer heat.


As a high build durable heat reflective coating for domestic and commercial roofs. In air conditioned buildings a saving in energy costs is often available.

Recommended for use on all types of correctly prepared roofs including cement and terracotta tile, fibrous cement, galvanised iron, and as a waterproofing membrane for concrete roofed buildings. HEAT SHIELD 10 may be applied over sound previously painted roofs.

Gloss Level
Exterior Durability
Colour availability:
Number of Coats
Recoat Time
Clean Up
Conforms to AS 2311 – Semi Gloss
White and specific colours only
1 to 1.2 square metres per litre
2 coats recommended
16 hours in normal conditions


Painted Roofs

Remove all unsound and flaking paint with scraping and sanding. Remove all chalk, dust, oil, grease and other contaminants. Repoint and repair roof as specified. Thoroughly clean and treat according to the standard work practice. Spot prime all bare surface.

Bare surface must be primed with the recommended primer before application of HEAT SHIELD 10.

Refer: Suggested Work Procedures for further information and for surfaces not described in this Data Sheet.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and PDS (Product Data Sheet):


Product Data Sheet (PDS), provides detailed information about the product. It describes the product, detailing its purpose, application methods, surface preparation, environmental and health safety measures, and recommended storage conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), outlines the safety aspects of the same product. It includes emergency contact information, a detailed breakdown of the chemical components and their proportions, physical and chemical properties, potential health risks, first aid measures, precautionary measures for handling and use, and detailed protocols for dealing with spills, exposure, and fires involving the product.

Heat Shield Availability in Australia:

This product is distributed exclusively by Sunbond Coatings. For those interested in purchasing, please visit the Sunbond website at Sunbond Coatings.

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