Terracotta Sealer Glaze

Clear acrylic membrane coating designed for unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles

Roofshield Terracotta Glaze is a Clear acrylic membrane coating designed for unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles.

At first glance, the terracotta glaze appears to be a pinkish colour coating but dries 100% clear. Is designed to seal and protect unglazed terracotta tiles and will not allow lichen to attach and grow on the coating surface.

The Roofshield Terracotta Glaze is an essential part of the roof coating process for terracotta roofs


Terracotta Sealer Facts:

A water based 100% Acrylic Sealer / Glaze finish for cleaned, non-glazed Terracotta clay roof tiles to seal against the penetration of water from rain and dew and to restrict the growth of disfiguring algae and lichen. The sealer dries to a pleasing semi-glaze sheen which highlights the natural colour of the tile.

ROOFSHIELD TERRACOTTA TILE SEALER GLAZE is water based with little odour and is environment friendly. 

Gloss Level
Exterior Durability
Number of Coats
Recoat Time
Clean Up
Conforms to AS 2311 – Semi Gloss
Very Good
Varies with surface (5-8 sq M/L)
2 light coats recommended
2 hours in normal conditions
Not normally necessary



Refer to suggested Work Procedures. 

Water blast and clean tiles using a 3,000psi machine. Ensure all dirt, fungus, and other deposits are fully removed. Give attention to effective cleaning of the noses of tiles, taking care to not force water up under toiles onto ceilings or soffits. Ingrained fungi and organic material may need to be bleached before coating. Sodium hypochlorite (Pool Chlor or Hypo) is normally used with particularly difficult spots, sometimes requiring treatment with caustic soda. SODIUM HYPO CHLORITE AND CAUSTIC SODA ARE CONCERNTRATED AND CORROSSIVE CHEMICALS AND MUST BE HANDLED ACCORDING TO THEIR MANUFACTURERS SAFETY DIRECTIONS. Applicators should be trained in the proper use of these substances for the treatment of roofs. 


Apply two coats by airless spray. 


Stir before use. Surface must be dry before application Do Not apply at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. This coating is not recommended for application to glazed tiles (gloss or low sheen) nor to brown or dark coloured terra cotta tiles. 

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and PDS (Product Data Sheet):


Product Data Sheet (PDS), provides detailed information about the product. It describes the product, detailing its purpose, application methods, surface preparation, environmental and health safety measures, and recommended storage conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), outlines the safety aspects of the same product. It includes emergency contact information, a detailed breakdown of the chemical components and their proportions, physical and chemical properties, potential health risks, first aid measures, precautionary measures for handling and use, and detailed protocols for dealing with spills, exposure, and fires involving the product.

    Terracotta Sealer Glaze Availability in Australia:

    This product is distributed exclusively by Sunbond Coatings. For those interested in purchasing, please visit the Sunbond website at Sunbond Coatings.

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