Cement Tile Sealer

Roofshields Cement Tile Sealer is specifically designed for aged or warn roofs.

Cement Tile Primer

Roofshield Cement Tile Sealer Facts:



Roofshields Cement Tile Sealer is specifically designed for aged or warn roofs. It the layer that makes your roof so visually appealing to the neighbourhood. It dries clear when applied and is suited to moderately worn tile surfaces. Cement Tile Sealer also contains strong fungicide/algaecide to kill and prevent the growth of fungi spores which may be hidden deep within the tile surface.

A specifically engineered acrylic sealer for application to prepared and cleaned cement tiles as a sealing and bonding coat for the Roofshield roof coating system.

CEMENT TILE SEALER incorporates acrylic adhesion promoting polymers which penetrate and bond with the tile surface ensuring adhesion and durability of the Roofshield coating system

CEMENT TILE SEALER is water based and does not contain noxious solvents.

Gloss Level
Exterior Durability
Number of Coats
Recoat Time
Clean Up
Conforms to AS 2311 – Semi Gloss
Excellent when overcoated
Varies with surface (eg 4sq M/L)
1 full coat recommended
2 hours in normal conditions
Use as supplied on old grainy tiles, thin with water to aid penetration into less porous tiles. (Roofshield Cement Tile Primer recommended for most tiles. – Ref Product Data sheet)


Refer to suggested Work Procedures for Cement Tile Roofs. Remove all dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Previously Painted Surfaces

Not applicable


Apply by airless spray in a single wet penetrating coat.

Stir before use. Surface must be dry before application. Do not apply at surface temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and PDS (Product Data Sheet):


Product Data Sheet (PDS), provides detailed information about the product. It describes the product, detailing its purpose, application methods, surface preparation, environmental and health safety measures, and recommended storage conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), outlines the safety aspects of the same product. It includes emergency contact information, a detailed breakdown of the chemical components and their proportions, physical and chemical properties, potential health risks, first aid measures, precautionary measures for handling and use, and detailed protocols for dealing with spills, exposure, and fires involving the product.

Cement Tile Sealer Availability in Australia:

This product is distributed exclusively by Sunbond Coatings. For those interested in purchasing, please visit the Sunbond website at Sunbond Coatings.

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