Galvanized Iron Primer

Primes galvanised metal roofs for application of roof membrane.


Roofshield Galvanized Iron Primer Facts:



Quick drying water borne primer for galvanised iron, zinc-alume, and aluminum surfaces.

SUNBOND GAL IRON PRIMER contains non-toxic anticorrosive pigment to control oxidation and “white rust” of galvanised iron and aluminum. The primer is acrylic based and is highly resistant to the alkaline reaction of galvanised iron.

The Primer is compatible with most finish coats and may be recoated with acrylic, vinyl, or oil based undercoats and enamel top coats.

Intended Uses:

As a primer specifically formulated for galvanised iron, zinc-alume, and aluminum surfaces.

Note Iron or steel brackets or fixtures which are not galvanised should be primed with a premium quality Anti Corrosive Metal Primer, following correct surface preparation.

Gloss Level
Exterior Durability
Number of Coats
Recoat Time
Clean Up
Low sheen
Excellent when recoated with recommended top coats
Light Grey only
Up to 12 square metres per litre
1 coat is normally sufficient
24 hours in normal conditions (Longer should be allowed in damp, humid, or cold conditions)
Up to 5% with water


  • New Surfaces

Remove all dust and dirt. Wash surface with mineral turps and then thoroughly with water to remove all traces of forming oil, grease, and other contaminants.

  • Previously Painted Surfaces

Remove all unsound cracking or flaking paint with scraping and sanding. Remove all rust, chalk, dust, oil, grease and other contaminants including any “white rust” deposits.
Ensure any rusted areas on galvanised iron, steel brackets etc are thoroughly abraded to remove rust and are primed with Anti Corrosive Metal Primer before applying Gal Iron Primer.


ONE coat of GAL IRON PRIMER is recommended. Apply by airless spray. Use a brush on small and difficult areas.


Thoroughly stir paint in a circular lifting motion using a flat paddle. Thin up to 5% with water (only if necessary) to assist application in hot windy conditions. Do not apply at surface temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius and cease application if surface dry time exceeds 40 minutes.

Do not apply if rain or moisture condensation is imminent. (Do not apply to exterior surfaces after 3 pm if overnight dew condensation is likely)


SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and PDS (Product Data Sheet):


Product Data Sheet (PDS), provides detailed information about the product. It describes the product, detailing its purpose, application methods, surface preparation, environmental and health safety measures, and recommended storage conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), outlines the safety aspects of the same product. It includes emergency contact information, a detailed breakdown of the chemical components and their proportions, physical and chemical properties, potential health risks, first aid measures, precautionary measures for handling and use, and detailed protocols for dealing with spills, exposure, and fires involving the product.

Galvanized Iron Primer Availability in Australia:

This product is distributed exclusively by Sunbond Coatings. For those interested in purchasing, please visit the Sunbond website at Sunbond Coatings.

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