Case study – Stafford heights

Stafford Heights

Service: Roof Restoration


The client at Stafford Heights faced severe issues with their tiled roof, which had multiple leaks that had been ignored for a long time. This neglect led to the internal ceiling collapsing and requiring a complete replacement.


The primary causes of the leaks were cracked tiles, damaged ridges, and leaking tile clips.


Solution and Work Carried Out

Roofshield undertook an extensive roof restoration project to address the client’s issues and prevent future damage. The steps involved were:

  1. Thorough Roof Cleaning: We began with a full cleaning of the roof to remove all dirt, debris, and existing mould. This prepared the surface for repairs and treatments.
  2. Replacement of Broken Tiles: All broken tiles were replaced to restore the roof’s integrity and prevent further leaks.
  3. Full Repointing: The roof was fully repointed to ensure all ridges were secure and watertight.
  4. Tile Clips Replacement: All tile clips were removed and replaced to eliminate any potential leakage points.
  5. Application of Tile Sealer: We applied one coat of tile sealer to protect the tiles and enhance their durability.
  6. Colour Membrane Application: Two coats of high-quality colour membrane were applied on top, matching the original tile colour. This not only restored the roof’s appearance but also provided additional protection.
  7. Anti-Mould Treatment: The roof membrane includes an anti-mould agent to prevent the growth of mould and lichen, particularly from bird debris around the antennae area.


The comprehensive restoration significantly improved the roof’s condition and appearance. The client no longer faces issues with leaks or internal damage, and the roof now has enhanced protection against future problems. With regular maintenance, the roof will remain in excellent condition for years to come.


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